Technical Yarns Machinery


  • twisting,
  • cabling and direct cabling.

End Products:

  • tires,
  • tarpaulins, artificial grass, conveyer belts, V-belts, timing belts, pipes, hoses, bags, ropes, carpet, rugs or mats.
Textile Yarns Machinery

Verdol is a leading provider of twisting, assembling, cabling, covering and winding machines for the processing of textile filaments. Regardless of whether you produce textile filaments for apparels, sportswear, ladies hosiery, underwear, automotive interiors or upholstery,


Verdol is a leading provider of top of the line technology for the processing of synthetic filaments such as: twisting, assembling, cabling, direct cabling, covering, heating and winding. Verdol technology is consistently one step ahead!


Verdol offers now a range of Lab machines, which give full flexibility to explore new fields… With the Lab Verdol machines, yarn producers have no limit to their imagination. They can invent new yarn constructions, explore new ideas, and… reach new markets!


All yarns applications deserve the Verdol expertise!
The Verdol’s expertise is present everywhere in your daily life!
Using Technical or Textile yarns… You are most of the time in touch with the high-performance of the Verdol technology!

Verdol: Yarn Processing Expert!

Based on more than 80 years experience in the textile machinery, gathering experience of well-known brands as ICBT, Rieter FYT, RITM and SwissTex France, Verdol (Reyes Groupe) is a process expert in Twisting, Assembling, Cabling, Covering & Winding of yarns made of synthetic, artificial, natural and mineral fibers.

Today Verdol has got key positions both in Technical Yarns and Textile Yarns markets. The Verdol technology is present in most products of the everyday life!

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